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Marvec FS cladding used by Kingsland Wines

Marvec FS PVC Cladding sheets were used to transform part of Kingsland Wines into a modern working space. The project, at their winery in Irlam, Manchester, involved a total revamp of an unused part of Kingsland’s premises. Due to a large upturn in demand, leading to an increase in production, Kingsland required greater capacity and so enlisted the help of IPSL to turn the area into a modern, high-quality hygienic space perfect for their needs.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean, hygienic surface

Using Marvec FS PVC sheets from Brett Martin, IPSL who had been working with Kingsland Wines for over five years, clad the walls of each room on the site, to a height of 3m. Working around silos capable of holding thousands of litres of wine at a time, the IPSL installation team have, over the past five years, transformed the relevant areas into hygienic, top-of-the-range production facilities. IPSL completed the entire project using Brett Martin’s high-quality hygienic wall cladding panels.

The largest space presented a challenge. Although it had been a production area previously, and still held operable silos, Kingsland wished to create a multi-purpose area with a service area and workshop in the front and a functional and hygienic production area in the rest of the room. IPSL achieved this through constructing a series of freestanding walls from jumbo stud clad with plasterboard, essentially dividing the largest room into two medium sized areas joined with new corridors.

The Marvec FS sheets adhered easily onto the new plasterboard, giving a bright, clean surface that looks and is hygienic. The finished area is an industry-leading hygienic production area that both Kingsland and IPSL are delighted with.