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Solas Eco Garden Centre

Toploc provides sustainable cover for Solas Eco Garden Centre

Marlon Toploc was the ideal canopy glazing solution for this impressive retractable canopy roof at the Solas Eco Garden Centre.  

In addition to Marlon Toploc providing all of the characteristics required to realise the designers specification, product manufacturer, Brett Martin's values align perfectly with Solas when it comes to sustainability and a greener future.  Solas is one of the few Eco Garden Centres in Ireland, providing an excellent, eco-friendly, customer experience.  Now employing over 100 people the Garden Centre brings a breath of fresh air to the local community.

Clear Marlon Toploc panels provide 64% light transmission, flooding the area underneath with natural daylight to create a bright and airy outdoor space while providing shelter from the changeable Irish weather.

In this instance, clear 16mm sevenwall Marlon Toploc panels were cold curved on-site and mounted in sections at three different heights to a retractable pulley, allowing the canopy roof to open.  The Marlon Toploc panels are secured with the Marlon polycarbonate cap profile for a seamed finish on the canopy roof.

Marlon Toploc polycarbonate panels are strong and durable and co-extruded with UV protection on both sides as standard to protect the panels and everything underneath from harmful UV rays.  The Marlon Toploc standing seam system is light in weight making both installation and on-going movement of the retractable roof easy.

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