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VIP Players’ Lounge

Foamalux White used for large display letters in VIP Players’ lounge


  • Lightweight
  • Bright white colour
  • Rigid
  • Good impact resistance
  • Suitable for cutting and bonding

Foamalux White was cut and bonded to the customers pre-cut letter displays, as the outer face of this unique and impressive display. The foam PVC sheet had to be a rigid product, to allow for the product to be used the way the customer wanted. The bright white colour of the chosen Foamalux sheet shows the high quality of the product, which is perfect as it is being used in a VIP lounge.

Since this product was in a players lounge, it was a busy atmosphere, where the product needed to meet the requirement of impact resistance. Foamalux White was chosen as a great fit for this need.

This project won 1st place in the Visual Communication category for the iAwards 2021.