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Showers Farm

Situated in the heart of Kingsland, Herefordshire, Showers Farm is undoubtedly surrounded by much history as the area is home to Saxons and Romans, knights and castles, Olympians and even arctic explorers over the years.

As a Grade II listed building, Showers Farm is part of the Kingsland history and when it came to restoring the property this historical value had to be preserved. After receiving approval from the Herefordshire Council, a local architect sympathetically restored this old property to all its former glory by converting the redundant barns to seven new dwellings, including garage space.

Each and every material used in the restoration was delicately chosen in order to retain the traditional look of the building. And, when it came to specifying a suitable rainwater system, the Cascade cast iron style rainwater system was the perfect fit. Using the 112mm Roundstyle gutter with 68mm round downpipes and hoppers in Classic Black colour, the Cascade system provided a more efficient and modern rainwater system, whilst retaining the traditional style of the building and allowing Showers Farm to blend perfectly into its historical surroundings.

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