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Ark Kings Academy

Marvellous Marvault brings daylight to new school

A combination of Marvault rooflight systems and glass rooflights were installed in Ark Kings Academy as part of a priority school building framework programme in which Brett Martin installed rooflights in seven educational facilities.

The vaults which have opal polycarbonate glazing, vary in size from 1470mm x 820mm up to 23850mm x 1650mm. 4 Glass rooflights measuring 1050mm x 1050mm were also installed.

Many rooflights were positioned over corridors where there was no other means of introducing natural daylight so large continuous runs were needed. These play a crucial role in reducing demand for electric lighting as well as lowering CO2 emissions and running costs.

Marvault provides the optimum combination of high light transmission and UV protection whilst having a positive impact on student’s wellbeing.