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Clifton Medical Centre

Mardome Trade provides daylighting to a refurbished health centre

Brett Martin worked in partnership with Sika Sarnafil to refurbish Clifton Medical Centre to provide new rooflights.

Mardome Trade was chosen by Sika Sarnafil as it provided the best solution due to better thermal performance across building and preventative measures to reduce ongoing leaks. The rooflights bring in natural daylight into the health centre which can create a more sustainable environment.

Mardome was used across the health centre through the main corridors and examination rooms. Natural daylight can provide benefits to people within the health centre, mentally and physically, a benefit which faux lighting cannot provide.

In all, 42 Mardome Trade rooflights with triple skin glazing in clear polycarbonate were fitted and positive feedback was received from contractor due to meeting their requirements and ease of installation.