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Olympic Stadium

Marlon CS goes for gold at the Olympic Stadium

Brett Martin rooflights were specified in the transformation of the former Olympic Stadium into a multi-use stadium. Central to the design was a massive 25,000m2 transparent roof which brings natural daylight into the stadium ensuring optimum grass growth and pitch perfect conditions.

For one of the largest spanning tensile roofs in the world at 45,000m2, the roof incorporates 87 tonnes of Brett Martin’s polycarbonate made up of 4,384 sheets of Marlon CS profiled sheet. Due to the shape of the roof, each sheet had to be cut separately and labelled with a unique placement code allowing for ease of installation and minimised waste.

The incorporation of Brett Martin’s Marlon CS profiled polycarbonate sheet allows the enjoyment of a bright, airy environment protected from the extremes of wet weather as well as the sun’s UV rays. Marlon CS polycarbonate comes with a co-extruded UV protection layer and carries a 10 year warranty on light transmission and durability, guaranteeing daylight into the stadium for many years.

Marlon CS Polycarbonate Tops London Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium’s transformation into a multi-use stadium has seen the specification of Marlon CS Longlife polycarbonate rooflights

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