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Wembley Stadium

Brett Martin completes international hat trick

Brett Martin added a hat trick of international projects to an already impressive portfolio of major sporting venues - Wembley Stadium, Galway Racecourse and Kensington Oval in Barbados.

Over 5,000 square metres of Safelight translucent GRP rooflights were installed on the magnificent 90,000 seat Wembley Stadium. The Safelight rooflights cover and brighten a significant area of the stadium directly beneath the iconic arch, providing 70% transmission of diffused natural light. Supplied in lengths ranging from 12.8m to 15.4m, the sheets were installed running from gutter to gutter, creating a series of individual bays without endlaps. 

Rooflights are an essential design feature for sports stadia, enabling natural daylight to reach the pitch - vital for promoting grass growth and helping ground staff to maintain an optimum playing surface that also looks impressive for televised events. The diffused daylight from Safelight GRP rooflights also improves the ambience for spectators by creating a brighter, more pleasant environment.