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Brett Martin Group Mission

World Class Company

Our Vision 

To be a world class company committed to growth in our chosen markets.

Our Values

  • Health & Safety We strive to ensure our employees and contractors have a safe working environment that meets health and safety legislation. We are committed to protecting the environment and promote sound environmental practices to our employees, suppliers, partners and customers.
  • Integrity & Trust  We are committed to ‘Doing the right thing’ and protecting our customer’s privacy, information and reputation. We value our relationships with our colleagues, contractors, suppliers and customers built on Trust and Loyalty.
  • Customer Focus  We value our customers and are dedicated to meeting our customer’s expectations with excellent customer service and products.
  • Efficiency We are focused on doing work which adds value and avoids wasting money, materials, energy or time. We are dedicated to Continuous Improvement by ‘Getting it right first time’.
  • People Development — We value our staff and their contribution. We provide training, promote empowerment and encourage involvement so that all our staff are fully engaged in our management processes and make effective contributions in their teams.


Our Mission 

To increase turnover and profit by meeting our customers’ expectations of our product range, quality and service through continuous improvement.