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Blue Marlon ST used to create stunning canopy in historic Cartago

Marlon ST in blue has been used to create an eye-catching train station canopy in Costa Rica's first capital, Cartago.


  • UV resistant
  • Solar control properties
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to cold bend
  • Light weight

Not only was Cartago the first capital of Costa Rica, it was also part of the first phase of railway building in the Central American country. Now thanks to Brett Martin's Marlon ST in blue, waiting for a train in the heat of Cartago has been made more comfortable. The lightweight multiwall sheet was the ideal choice for the project. The polycarbonate sheet is co-extruded with a UV resistant coating which protects the canopy from UV degradation. UV rays can reduce the material’s strength, making it brittle so UV resistance is vital in a climate such as Costa Rica’s. Equally, people standing on the platform are protected from the powerful UV rays and the blue pigment’s solar control properties makes waiting for a train a little bit cooler.

Marlon ST’s impact resistance is also an important property in an area which can experience challenging natural phenomena such as torrential rain and earthquakes.

During the design of the train station canopy, the ease with which you can bend Marlon ST and its light weight were two very important considerations. This allowed the designers to create a curved canopy without columns to support it next to the tracks allowing easier to the trains.