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Covid-19 face visors made with Marpet-a FS

When Bangor-based company Denroy was looking for a high quality solution for face visor manufacturing in the early months of the pandemic, Brett Martin was the natural partner - its Marpet-a FS proving the ideal solution.


  • Good optical properties
  • Impact resistant
  • Able to be cold bent

“Like manufacturing businesses the world over, Denroy, who manufacture specialised thermoformed products for the aerospace, automotive, medical and defence industries saw a sudden and significant dip in demand at the beginning of 2020,” says Gareth Deering, Business Development Manager at Denroy.

“When health charity HeroShield approached us for help with the forming of face visors, we didn’t hesitate in offering our full support. Face visors are a vital piece of PPE for frontline National Health Service workers and our experience in forming plastic parts for the medical sector meant we were in an excellent position to help.”

The most critical part of the visor, the face shield, would require a plastic sheet of the highest quality – easy to cut and form, and simple to attach to other components, while offering the safety required. For Denroy, Brett Martin was the obvious first choice. “We have a long-term partnership with Brett Martin and the Martin family stretching back to our founding year, 1971,” explains Deering.

“Once Brett Martin had seen our design ideas, they suggested their Marpet-a FS sheet. It doesn’t fog up at all, ensuring vision remains unimpaired, its robustness means that it retains its shape, it has strong resistance to scuffs and scrapes, possesses excellent chemical resistance, and most importantly – keeps the user safe. It was very easy to form and integrate with other parts, such as the headband strap.”

Deering concludes: “The Brett Martin team’s knowledge of the plastics industry, their technical advice and their ability to manufacture high quality products were key to helping us to fulfil our orders and provide robust, long-life, plastic products of exceptional quality.”

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