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De Lier Commercial Greenhouse, The Netherlands

The walls of this impressive commercial greenhouse in De Lier, The Netherlands were constructed using 16mm Xwall Marlon ST zero light transmission multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

This new opaque, dual layer grey/white multiwall polycarbonate sheet combines a grey outer layer with a highly reflective white inner layer for 0% light transmission through the sheet and maximum reflection of light from the sheet surface inside the greenhouse. This option in Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet provides the ideal solution for the walls of commercial greenhouses as it aides control over day/night light cycles, ensuring maximum light for photosynthesis (in combination with artificial lighting systems) and complete darkness for night cycles.  Marlon ST Opaque walls also provide complete privacy and security. 

The thermally insulating multiwall structure of the sheet helps to maintain the internal temperature of the greenhouse.  Marlon ST, manufactured from premium damage resistant polycarbonate is light in weight, easy to handle and install and suitable for cold curving on-site.

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  Marlon ST Brochure English PDF | 3.81MB