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De Lier Commercial Greenhouse, The Netherlands


The walls of this impressive commercial greenhouse in De Lier, The Netherlands were glazed with Brett Martin’s Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Two different sheet options were used to meet the specification of the greenhouse.

Opaque dual-tinted Marlon ST sheet in 16 mm X-wall was used on one side of the greenhouse.  This innovative grey/white dual-tinted sheet completely blocks light transmission through the sheet offering growers full control of the greenhouse lighting environment.  Opaque walls also provide complete privacy and security. 

In contrast clear Marlon ST sheet also in 16 mm X-wall was specified to provide maximum light transmission to the opposite side of the greenhouse.

All Marlon ST sheets were supplied with vital UV protection on both sides, preventing weathering and enhancing durability.

Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate, manufactured from premium damage resistant polycarbonate, is an ideal greenhouse glazing solution.  The thermally insulating multiwall structure of the sheet helps to maintain the internal temperature of the greenhouse.  The sheets are also light in weight, easy to handle and install and suitable for cold curving on-site.

All of our Marlon range is now available in BioPlus. Contact us today to find out more.

  Marlon ST Brochure English PDF | 3.81MB