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Eiffel Tower

Marcryl FS used to create a model of the Eiffel Tower


  • Clarity
  • Strength
  • Light weight 

A model of the Eiffel Tower model created from Marcryl FS by an Approved Partner, eurolaser. eurolaser had previously created a model of the Eiffel Tower from acrylic for its own offices to demonstrate the capability of its laser cutting equipment.

As part of a test using Brett Martin’s Marcryl FS, eurolaser made an Eiffel Tower model out of the acrylic sheet at its German demo centre, using its M-800 laser cutter.

The model has been used in PR, brochures and in the future it is hoped to be on display in exhibition, as a way to show how Marcryl can be used in fabrication.

This model placed 1st in the Fabrication category for the iAwards 2021.