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Foamalux Xtra makes ideal puppy whelping pens

Foamalux Xtra has been used to create warm, clean environments for puppies to be born.

In November 2022, this project was announced as the winner in the Brett Martin iAwards in the category Fabrication.


  • Light weight
  • Reusable
  • Easy to store
  • Must not absorb smells
  • Easy to clean
  • Thermally insulating

The Puppy Pen has been created by Puppy Love who have been breeding dogs for many years and understand the pros and cons of traditional whelping pens. Often they are not built to last, are bulky and heavy to move or store away, they can stain and also give off smells.

The Puppy Pen is made from 10mm Foamalux Xtra which gives the design two very important advantages. Its thermal insulation keeps mum and puppies safe and warm, away from any draughts both during and after the birth. Foam PVC is also naturally hygienic, can be cleaned by wiping and will not absorb moisture or smells.

In addition to these key advantages, Foamalux is lightweight so is very easy to move from place to place or in and out of storage. Its durability means that it can be reused time after time. It will not degrade or decay.

Foamalux Xtra comprises a black core containing up to 80% reclaimed content, sandwiched between two surfaces of premium quality virgin white PVC, making it an environmentally friendly solution.  

Foamalux Brochure English PDF | 5.86MB