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GE Plast Rooflight

Refurbishment of Bank Roof using Marlon FSX & Marlon ST


  • Light Transmission
  • UV protection
  • Ability to cold curve

CEC Bank in Romania went through a refurbishment which included replacement of the polycarbonate roof glazing. The customer wanted to upgrade their previous grey polycarbonate roofing to a clear polycarbonate sheet to maximise daylight. 

Marlon FSX solid polycarbonate sheet was used to glaze the dome and Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate for the main roof of the building. Both of these products have a high light transmission, while protecting from harmful UV rays.

Marlon FSX was the ideal solution for the domed rooflight, as it has the ability to cold curve on-site, giving the appearance of glass at only a fraction of the weight.  Marlon FSX is a flat polycarbonate sheet with dual sided UV protection which prevents 98% of damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet, making it perfect for external glazing applications.

Marlon ST was a perfect fit for the main roof of the bank as it is a lightweight insulating glazing material manufactured from damage resistant polycarbonate.  Co-extruded UV protection provides resistance against the effects of UV weathering.

This project won 1st prize in the Glazing category of the iAwards 2021.