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Marlon CS Heptagon Greenhouses

Marlon CS proves simple, yet effective

These unique greenhouses are popping up all around Ireland and the UK. The distinctive appearance comes from the heptagon shape, which instills our Marlon CS material. This particular greenhouse opted for 1.5mm Marlon CS (Clear) The sky is a massive clue for the location of this product as the Irish weather is rather unpredictable.

Heptagonhouses supply these greenhouses frequently. 

Marlon CS (Clear) presents itself as a great option for the horticulture sector as it achieves almost 90% light transmission allowing the sunlight to enhance the growth of crops. This will save energy costs for artificial lighting and is a 'greener' method of growing crops as it is available in Marlon Bioplus. This product is 200x stronger than Glass, and is lightweight which makes it easy to install. 

Marlon CS brochure English PDF | 7.6MB