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Marlon CS canopy provides cool shade at Ulverstone Wharf

Marlon CS Opal was supplied by Ampelite, Australia to create this stunning canopy at Ulverstone Wharf, Tasmania. 


  • Lightweight glazing material 
  • Strong and impact resistant 
  • Double sided UV Protection 
  • Diffusing tint

Ulverstone Wharf in Tasmania incorporates three conference areas and a licensed restaurant, the opal tinted Marlon CS used for the canopies provides cool shade for the outside paved area. 

The building structure consists of laminated Tasmanian Oak trusses, light timber framing, with a perforated Colourbond steel cathedral ceiling. The external cladding is blockwork and panelling. The canopies on the North and South elevations are made from structural steel and opal tined Marlon CS corrugated polycarbonate sheet. The canopies provide cool shade and excellent weather and UV protection over the below decking area, which is prefect for the local climate. 

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was that the site is on reclaimed land. This meant great care had to be taken not to overload the area with heavy equipment or materials during construction. The low weight of Marlon CS was the perfect fit for this, not only for aesthetics but practicality too. 

The Ulverstone Wharf won 1st prize in the Architecture and Construction (canopies) category of Brett Martin’s iAwards in November 2020.