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Marlon CS chosen for the refurbishment of the Etihad Stadium

Marlon CS was chosen as the glazing option for the first phase of the expansion for the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City FC’s home ground.


  • Natural light transmission
  • Easy installation
  • Technical support

Clear Marlon CS allows for a high level of light transmission, an important requirement for football stadia as it not only provides a bright sheltered stand for spectators but promotes a healthy pitch without shadows, a must for televised matches.

The success for this product is shown through Etihad Stadium as almost 1500m² of Marlon CS already glazed the existing canopy, with a further 4,000m² of Clear 2mm Marlon CS chosen for the construction of a new third tier.  

When used in Etihad Stadium, Marlon CS rooflights and side-lights provide light, bright stands where spectators are protected from the weather. This light weight sheet with impact resistance and exceptional spanning capabilities is ideal for installation in the metal structures favoured by stadia designers. Co-extruded UV protection cuts out 98% of harmful radiation reducing the effects of weathering and tinted options allow solar control.

Engineered for use in roof light and side-light applications, it has a 10 year light transmission and a 3 year weather breakage warranty due to its strength and impact resistant design.

Technical support was provided from design right through to installation.  Since the stadium is an oval shape, each sheet of the polycarbonate had to be cut to fit exactly. By having the technical support alongside the assembly of the rooflights and side-lights, ensured no mistakes were made and allowed for a much easier installation process.