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Marlon FS ideal protect to protect emergency services

Marlon FS polycarbonate offers outstanding impact resistance, good optical clarity and has the ability to be formed into various shapes, making it an ideal product for applications which require added protection such as PPE for the Emergency Services. 


  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good optical properties
  • Easy to thermoform

3mm Marlon FS polycarbonate was CNC routered and machine moulded to produce the complex shape required for the visor of a Fireman's helmet.  The material was also chosen for its superior impact resistance which provided the optimum face protection. Marlon FS polycarbonate could be manufactured into the unique shape required to allow the visor to move up and down over the helmet peak.

4mm thick clear Marlon FS was chosen manufacture a round police shield due to its superb impact resistance and its ability to reduce impact shock on the officer’s arm.