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Marlon ST brings daylight to Mercado del Rio market in Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Mercado del Rio market in Guayaquil, on the coast of Ecuador, won 2nd prize in the Architecture and Construction (canopies) category of Brett Martin’s iAwards, November 2020 for its use of Marlon ST.


  • High light transmission
  • Lightweight
  • Robust, durable
  • UV protection

Marlon ST allows natural daylight to flood into the halls and the connecting atrium without adding excessive weightto the structure.  The building contains a total of 24 restaurants and has capacity for 600 people. It is made from glass, steel, teak and Marlon ST. The architectural design of the steel structure is similar to that of the old southern market with the roofs of the north and south market halls designed to look like sails in the wind. Marlon ST was used in the rooflights of the atrium between the two halls and in part of the vertical glazing within the halls.