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Marlon CST Heatguard provides a bright, cool environment at Bingham's Dairy Farm

This dairy farm near to Brett Martin’s Head Office and manufacturing plant in Newtownabbey won 1st prize in the Agriculture and Horticulture category of Brett Martin’s iAwards, November 2020.



  • To increase natural daylight
  • Control temperature


6mm Triplewall 177/51 profile was chosen with an advanced heat reflective pigment.  This allowed for high levels of natural daylight through the roof but with a significantly reduced heat transfer than would be experienced with clear sheet.  The result is a bright building with a controlled and comfortable temperature inside adding to the wellbeing and productivity of the herd.  

The farm is now considering introducing this product into more of its buildings due to the benefits they are already seeing in this one.


  • Translucent roofing allows increased daylight compared to traditional roofing materials
  • Solar heat transfer control
Bingham's Dairy Farm

Marlon CST Heatguard has been developed with an advanced heat reflective pigment allowing high levels of natural daylight to be transmitted into buildings whilst significantly reducing heat transfer.

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