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Museum creates practical and decorative display with Marlon FS

Marlon FS flat polycarbonate sheet has been used to glaze an impressive feature in the Egyptian National Library and Archives (Dar el-Kotob‎) in Cairo. The dramatic flowing script constructed from Marlon FS flat polycarbonate sheet depicts ancient manuscripts and archives held within the walls of the oldest Government Library in Cairo.

The intriguing structure curves for 600m all the way from the magnificent entrance hall and atrium to the rear of the historic building.

The design depicts manuscript being blown through the winds of time to represent the passage of knowledge and information throughout history. The manuscript itself features an ancient Arabic language and has been reproduced in a semi-transparent vinyl which has been adhered directly to the polycarbonate panels.

The installation is not only aesthetic; it also fulfils a very necessary and important function for the Egyptian National Library and Archives. In this highly prized and architecturally significant national building, the polycarbonate structure acts to conceal the electromechanical facilities including the air conditioning, sprinklers, security system and lighting system.


  • Lightweight
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Smooth surface for vinyl application
  • Easy to cut and drill
  • Easy to thermoform
  • Fire rating 

Given the installation is suspended at height on cables from the ceiling of the library Marlon FS polycarbonate flat sheet was preferred due to its high strength to weight ratio. The installation comprises separate polycarbonate panels and as Marlon FS can be more easily cut, formed and installed compared to other glazing materials, ease of processing was a key factor in the material selection. Marlon FS has achieved a B,s1-d0 fire rating and this was a significant consideration in the material specification.

Key factors in the selection of Marlon FS as the ideal material for the Egyptian National Library and Archives project included ease of cutting, flexibility of design, high strength to weight ratio and excellent fire performance.

    Benefits of using Marlon FS:

    • Able to be printed to create a decorative installation
    • Lightweight material that was easy to install and safe to hang
    • The aesthetic of the museum is enhanced as the installation covers pipes and other necessary but unsightly facilities