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Nestle Museum, Guatemala

Nestle Museum uses Marlon ST for greenhouse glazing 


  • Light transmission
  • UV Protection
  • Durable

This unusual greenhouse at the Nestle Museum in Guatemala is glazed using clear Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet. Each piece was cut into triangles, to give a unique look, and was also used to glaze the windows, giving a consistent glazing effect across the pod.

This polycarbonate multiwall sheet was a perfect choice for this product, as it allows for light transmission through the clear sheet while filtering over 98% of harmful UV rays. Since the greenhouse is amongst trees, the durability and impact resistance of Marlon ST increases its longevity by protecting from falling branches and other natural debris.

This project won 1st prize in the iAwards 2021 in the Horticulture & Agriculture category.