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Next Summer Refit

Marlon ST brightening up Next summer window displays


  • Structural durability
  • Colourful display sheet
  • Damage & impact resistance

Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet was chosen by Think 19 to be used in the summer refit window displays in Next stores throughout the United Kingdom, after using the multiwall sheet as screen during the height of the pandemic. They liked how the polycarbonate multiwall sheet looked and decided to use it further within Next’s window displays.

The use of different coloured Marlon ST sheets, hung as a backdrop allowed for a bright and creative summer window display, whilst giving structure for the mannequin to be placed on top of. The need for an impact and damage resistant product was highly important due to the use of the product, which is why Marlon ST was a great match.

This project was voted Runner up in the Visual Communication category for the IAwards 2021.