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The Wild Croft creates the Timbertunnel with Marlon ST

Scottish weather and conventional horticultural polytunnels are not always the easiest of companions. The rain and wind limit the life-expectancy of what can be a fairly flimsy construction. With this in mind, Al Whitworth of The Wild Croft in the Scottish Highlands designed the Timbertunnel and used Marlon ST to create a robust greenhouse, able to withstand the Scottish weather.

In November 2022, this project was announced as the winner in the Brett Martin iAwards in the category Agriculture and Horticulture


  • High light transmission
  • Impact resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Thermal insulation
  • Easy to bend

The Timbertunnel is long tunnel shaped greenhouse for growing fruit and veg. The frame is made from laminated Scottish grown Douglas Fir which is naturally durable, thus minimising ongoing maintenance. Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate was the perfect choice for this build, as it allows light transmission through the clear sheet while providing insulation for the plants. It is also impressively durable which means it will last much longer than traditional polytunnel sheeting. The impact resistance of Marlon ST further helps to protect the fruits and vegetables from the effects of harsh Scottish winters.

The design has proved such a hit on social media that the Wild Croft hope to start selling them in 2023.