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Victoria Square

Built in the heart of Belfast, Victoria Square is a 800,000 sq ft commercial, residential and leisure development which took 6 years to build. It has been instrumental in reshaping the face of the city and boosting its image and retail offering and its iconic dome boasts 360 degree views across Belfast and has become an integral part of the city's skyline.

Opened in 2008, the complex features pedestrian-friendly open and covered streets, penthouse apartments and entertainment spaces and also houses the largest House of Fraser that the retailer has opened in the UK at 19,000m2. 

Costing around £160M this project was a significant construction boost to Northern Ireland and involved many local businesses supplying construction materials and labour. The project required the largest excavation in NI due to the site sitting on what was previously a floodplain.  As a major manufacturer locally, Brett Martin supplied its underground products for a network of drain and sewer below and around the basement car parks.

Seen as one of the significant developments within Belfast in recent times Victoria Square continues to be a major attraction and is set to continue drawing both shoppers and tourists to the area for many years to come.