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Gloss Finish Rainwater System

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Features and benefits

  • Quick and easy to install 
  • UV stablilised, durable and corrosion resistant 
  • Lightweight, robust materials
  • Outlets and unions feature external fixing wings for power tool access
  • Integral flexible clips on all fittings for easy connection
  • 10 year guarantee


  • Extensive choice of gutter and pipework profiles
  • Available in 7 colours 
  • Complementary push-fit soil system
Prostyle is a classic ‘ogee’ styled system suitable for more contemporary styled properties due to its sleek lines and modern gloss appearance. The Prostyle system utilises 65mm Square downpipe and fittings.  It is available in the new Anthracite Grey colour option as well as four other colours: Arctic White, Black, Brown and White.
Roundstyle is a traditional 112mm half round system suitable for the domestic housing market.  The Roundstyle system utilises 68mm round downpipe and fittings.  It is available in the new Anthracite Grey colour option as well as five other colours: Arctic White, Black, Brown Grey and White.
Squarestyle is an angular 114mm rectilinear system providing 20% higher flow capacity than a half round system it is suitable for larger domestic roofs.  The Squarestyle system utilises 65mm square downpipe and fittings.  It is available in four colours: Black, White, Brown and Arctic White.

Deepstyle is a semi elliptical system which offers more effective rainwater drainage on larger roof areas. This can reduce the number of downpipes required, providing cost savings and perhaps overall appearance improvements.  The system is characterised by an easy fix clip system, which facilitates simple installation whilst external fixing lugs allow easy access for cordless power tools. The Deepstyle system utilises 68mm round downpipe and fittings.  It is available in six colours including Anthracite Grey as well as Black, White, Brown, White and Arctic White.

Deepstyle 170 is a high performance industrial rainwater system offering increased drainage capacity for larger commercial projects, factories, warehouses, farm buildings and apartments. The design features innovative CLIP & SEAL technology for ease of installation, superior sealing and exceptional reliability. Strong and durable, Deepstyle 170 is manufactured from UV resistant PVC. The system’s robustness has been fully tested to BS EN 1462 Load Class H, whilst its unique formulation provides long-term weatherability for the systems high gloss gutter, fittings and downpipes.  The system is available in  Black and Grey.

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