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Tauheedul Islam Boys School

Rooflights deliver top class performance at new-build educational facility

Brett Martin supplied new-build Tauheedul Islam School with a combination of Marvault vault rooflight systems and Glass Link rooflights meeting no less than 2 design solutions.

The Marvaults were installed over the stunning refectory in lengths of more than 15 metres and spans of 2.3 metres, where large continuous runs were needed.

These vaults provide the optimum combination of light transmission and UV protection and play a crucial role in reducing demand for electric lighting as well as lowering CO2 emissions and running costs. 

A series of 8 premium Glass Link rooflights then, which met the requirement for high light transmission and thermal performance, were fitted to flood the multi-sports complex with natural daylight. A laminated inner pane also ensures the safety of those below.

Both rooflight systems deliver exceptional levels of daylight into the school optimising internal environment conditions. They play a crucial role in both the aesthetic and thermal performance of the school whilst having a positive impact on students’ wellbeing.

Tauheedul Islam Boys School

Brett Martin delivers top class performance at Tauheedul Islam Boys school with Marvault and Glass Link rooflights

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