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Multivault GRP

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  • Delivers high levels of diffused natural daylight into the workspace below
  • Versatile design from 1m to 4m wide spans and suitable for integration in all standard low pitch roof types
  • Modular units for unlimited run lengths
  • Thermally efficient with no thermal bridging, contributing to Part L compliance
  • Will achieve class B non-fragility to ACR[M]001 when fully installed, giving high levels of safety during roof access
  • Life expectancy of 25 years with minimal maintenance requirement


  • Manufactured from durable industrial grade GRP with different fire rating options
  • Modular continuation units and end units with integrated end closures
  • Suitable for flat, curved, standing seam, low and standard pitch roofs
  • Insulated end closures as standard on end units, can be bespoke for specific applications
  • Triple skin Multivaults have a U value of 1.3W/m²K, exceeding the requirements of Part L      
  • Hardpak side fillers providing greater support for fasteners ensuring a more reliable installation
  • Water managed aluminium section in all under lap corrugations for added rigidity and fixing when required
Glazing Double and triple skin
Curve radius (mm) 3150
Span width (mm) 1000 to 4000
Module length (mm) 1020  (shorter modules available for specific run lengths)
Overall weight (triple skin) 6.0
Light transmission
(Triple skin)
U value (W/m2K)
(Triple skin)

Smoothly curving factory assembled GRP vault rooflights lap together to form rooflights of unlimited length with spanning capabilities up to 4 metres. Integrated aluminium bar and insulated aluminium end closures create a strong rooflight.

Multivault GRP assembly


Fixing centre widthAngle of kerbHeight at centre (mm)


  • Appropriate roof apertures and insulated kerbs for the fitting of the selected vault rooflight system must be provided by the contractor.
  • Vault rooflights should always be handled by two people. If vaults are to be mechanically handled they must be secured on pallets and deposited at safe positions on the roof. Great care must be taken with all vaults in windy conditions.
  • Installation should be strictly in accordance with standard installation details
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