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Barrel Vault Rooflights

Barrel Vault Rooflights

Multivault and Marvault barrel vaults are modular rooflight systems which are capable of providing continuous runs of unlimited length in roofs, walkways or canopies. With a choice of Multivault GRP for industrial applications, Multivault SSR designed specifically for use in standing seam roofs, the architectural secret fix Marvault  polycarbonate vault for rooflights and canopies, there are options for a range of commercial and industrial applications. Multivault and Marvault barrel vaults can be supplied to any length and are designed to specific project requirements.

Product Listing

Homebase, Multivault GRP Barrel Vault Rooflights

Multivault GRP

Factory assembled GRP vault for industrial building applications spanning up to 4m.
Multivault SSR, Polycarbonate Vault Rooflight

Multivault SSR

Site assembled profiled polycarbonate vault rooflights for standing seam roofs.
K2 Leisure Centre, Marvault HF Barrel Vaults


Polycarbonate vault rooflight with hidden fixings and spanning capabilities of up to 7m over unrestricted lengths.


Henderson's Warehouse Mallusk
President Kennedy Academy
Ayr College
Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow
Emirates Arena (aka 2014 Commonwealth Arena & Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome)

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