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Barrel Vaults for Standing Seam Roofs

Multivault SSR Barrel Vault Rooflight

Multivault SSR is a site assembled profiled polycarbonate vault rooflight designed for use with standing seam roofs. Multivault SSR utilises standard standing seam verge components to act as the kerb in installation. Multivault SSR forms a completely watertight roof covering. The design is approved by leading standing seam manufacturers.

Multivault SSR Features and Options


Glazing Single skin over Cleartherm and GRP liner
Tints* Clear, Bronze, Opal, Textured
Curve radius (mm) 900
Span Width (mm) 1200
Module Length (mm) 250 / 1000
Weight (kg/m2) 5.4
Service Temperature  
Range (ºC) -20 to +100
Light Transmission  
(Triple skin - clear %) 58
U value (W/m2K)  
Double skin 2.2
Triple skin 1.3

Smoothly curving polycarbonate modular vault rooflight designed for use on standing seam roofs.


Vault rooflights are compatible with most commonly used building materials. However, solvents and alkaline cleaners should not be used with any vault rooflight. Polycarbonate vault rooflights should not come into contact with any plastisol coated steel.


Vault rooflights should always be handled by two people. If vaults are to be mechanically handled they must be secured on pallets and deposited at safe positions on the roof. Great care must be taken with all vaults in windy conditions.


All vault rooflights should be stored in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight, preferably indoors. If outside storage is unavoidable the units should be stacked on a pallet and covered with an opaque waterproof cover draped over timbers placed on the top vault to ventilate the stack and prevent overheating.


Multivault Rooflights achieve Class B Non-Fragility to ACR[M]001:2014 when fully installed. Brett Martin recommend that rooflights should not be walked on under any circumstances.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

The general condition of units and all accessories, particularly security of fixings and sealants, should be checked periodically. Abrasive and alkali cleaning materials should be avoided. A mild detergent and a soft rag or sponge can be used to remove surface dirt.

Technical Support

Please contact Brett Martin for further guidance, including technical bulletins on installation, handling and maintenance, COSHH data sheets, NBS product specification clauses and CPD seminars.



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