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Key features

  • Range of GRP sheet component products available; Trilite GRP and Safelight  - with varying performance options
  • Profiles to match any composite roof panel
  • U value options to suit project requirement, from 1.9W/m²K down to 0.9W/m²K
  • Optional 'Diamond' long life surface gives protection against weathering, UV degradation and chemical attack


  • Rooflights
  • Sidelights
  • Excellent quality diffused natural light transmission
  • Compatible with standard composite roof panels
  • Can be tailored to meet specification requirements
  • Range of safety and fire ratings to meet all requirements
  • Rapid 'fit and forget' trouble-free installation
  • Ease of handling on site
  • Long lifespan with minimal maintenance requirement
  • Unique design features including Hardpak filler and Underlap Strip for simple and reliable installation

Energysaver CGITailor Energysaver to whatever performance you require to meet specification. Full technical advice and back-up is provided from our team of experts to ensure a correctly designed, non-fragile Energysaver option that will also meet all other criteria such as light transmission, type of light, aesthetics and budget.

Trilite GRP

Range of standard outer sheets as well as heavyweight sheets which offer significantly greater safety margins than the minimum standard.

  • Available in weights of 2.4kg/m2, 3.0kg/m2, 3.6kg/m² or 4.5kg/m²
  • Meet the required safety standard Class B non-fragile to ACR[M]001
  • Advanced reinforcement provides optimum strength
  • Weather sheets supplied with ‘Superlife’ enhanced UV surface protection
  • Heavyweight sheet options for greater safety margins or most aggressive environments such as high wind load / wide spans


The safest rooflight sheet available, with unequalled safety margins and unmatched rigidity ensuring it will not be damaged by inadvertent foot traffic. Safelight is supplied with ‘Diamond’ long life surface protection as standard, providing optimum weather performance.

Summary table

FAIR grade
Safety level Roof access Non-fragility classification Period of non-fragility
Trilite 24 Good Infrequent Class B when new
Trilite 30 High Infrequent Class B 25 years
Trilite 36 Very high Regular Class B 25 years
Trilite 45 Very high Frequent Class B 25 years
Safelight Exceptional Frequent Class B 30 years

Optional unique ‘Diamond’ long life available for Trilite GRP (standard on Safelight) gives protection against weathering, UV degradation and chemical attack, giving a life expectancy of over 30 years. 

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