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Mardome Smoke Vent

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  • Fully certified in accordance with EN 12101-2
  • A wide range of sizes and options
  • Thermally efficient
  • Class B non-fragile to ACR[M]001 when new and fully installed to Brett Martin installation guidelines
  • 10 year warranty


  • Double or triple skin units available (triple skin for optimal thermal performance & resistance to condensation)
  • Multiwall PVC Kerb with thermally efficient triple wall structure
  • Steep kerb walls allows larger glazing area for more natural daylight
  • Optional offset actuator to allow use as a dual purpose access hatch
  • Optional wind deflectors to enhance aerodynamic ventilation performance

    Mardome Smoke Vent rooflights are available in square and rectangular sizes from 1050 x 1050mm up to 1800 x 1800mm with a choice of low rise dome or optional low rise pyramid shaped glazing units.

    For the full range of sizes visit or email for further information.

    Mardone Shape


    Mardome Smoke Vents are glazed with Marlon FSX polycarbonate and a choice of clear, opal and patterned polycarbonate glazing is available.

    Double or triple skin units are available depending on the level of thermal insulation required.

    smokevent range


    • Option 1:100mm vertical ‘DF’ kerb (for mounting to min. 200mm high builders upstand)
    • Option 2: 365mm high kerb (for mounting at roof surface)
    smokevent range


    • Option to serve as dual purpose smoke vent and access hatch via offset opening mechanism 

    smokevent range 2

    • Optional wind deflectors also available for enhanced aerodynamic ventilation performance.
    smokevent range  3

    All Mardome Smoke Vents can be supplied with a range of smoke control system accessories:

    • Control panel system
    • Smoke detector
    • Fire switch
    • Fireman’s priority switch 
    smokevent range  4
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