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Trilite GRP

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  • Can be specified and installed to be Class B non-fragile to ACR[M]001
  • Supplied with ‘Superlife’ enhanced UV surface protection
  • Excellent diffused natural light transmission levels
  • BBA Approved
  • BRE Globally Verified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) - specific configurations


  • A wide range of profiles to match almost all roof cladding systems
  • Available in weights of 1.8kg/m², 2.4kg/m², 3.0kg/m², 3.6kg/m² or 4.5kg/m²
  • Specification of ‘Diamond’ surface protection for added resistance to weathering, UV degradation and aggressive environments

    Trilite 18

    A cost-effective 1.8kg/m² sheet which can achieve Class B non-fragility when used in combination with Trilite 24 and above.

    Trilite 24

    A standard weight 2.4kg/m² sheet suitable for projects that will require minimal roof access. It can achieve Class B non-fragility in combination with other GRP rooflight sheets and will also achieve Class C non-fragility during construction when used as a liner in a typical liner profile. 

    Trilite 30

    A standard weight 3.0kg/m² sheet that in typical applications is resistant to damage during construction and suitable on projects where there is limited or controlled access needed after construction. It will achieve Class B non-fragility as a liner during construction or as a single skin rooflight when new.

    Trilite 36

    A heavyweight 3.6kg/m² sheet that also provides significantly greater safety levels than the minimum requirements and suitable for projects that require regular roof access after construction. It can be expected to remain Class B non-fragile as a single skin rooflight for at least 25 years.

    Trilite 45

    A heavyweight 4.5kg/m² sheet that provides significantly greater safety levels than the minimum requirements and is unaffected by loads typical of inadvertent foot traffic or a falling person when fully fixed. It is ideal when there is a high risk of accidental foot traffic during subsequent roof construction when fully fixed.

    Trilite 45 Liner

    A heavyweight lining panel with a weight of 4.5kg/m² that provides generous safety margins at the lining out phase, for safer working conditions. It has a life expectancy of over 30 years. 

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