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Energysaver Composite Panel Rooflights

Energysaver composite panel rooflight Energysaver composite panel rooflights are innovative triple skin factory assembled insulating rooflights (FAIRs) for composite roofs manufactured from GRP. They offer the best quality diffused natural daylight, thermal performance and ready-to-fit convenience for wide-span buildings. Delivering U-values from 1.9W/m²K down to 0.9W/m²K, Energysavers help a building achieve compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. Energysaver has unique features as standard offering quick, simple and reliable installation.  With a long-life expectancy of 25+ years, Energysaver offers outstanding value for minimal extra cost. Download factsheet or brochure for more information.


Energysaver Composite Panel Rooflights Features and Options


Tailor Energysaver to whatever performance you require to meet specification. Full technical advice and back-up is provided from our team of technical experts to ensure a correctly designed and specified non-fragile Energysaver option that will also meet all other criteria such as light transmission, type of light, aesthetics and budget.

Rooflight Non-Fragility Classification Safety Level Roof Access Period of Non-Fragility Light Transmission U-Value
Trilite 2.4 Energysaver FAIR Class B Good Infrequent 5-20 years 65-70% 1.9*
Trilite 3.0 Energysaver FAIR Class B High Infrequent 25+ years 65-70% 1.9*
Trilite Ultra 36 Energysaver FAIR Class B Very High Regular 25+ years 60-65% 1.9*
Trilite Ultra 45 Energysaver FAIR Class B Very High Frequent 25+ years 55-60% 1.9*
Safelight Energysaver FAIR Class B Exceptional Frequent 30+ years 55-60% 1.9*

*U-values as low as 0.9 W/m 2k can be achieved. Please speak to the technical department for details.


Available for GRP Trilite and Trilite Ultra weather sheets: Optional unique ‘Diamond’ long life (standard on Safelight) gives protection against weathering, UV degradation and chemical attack, giving a life expectancy of over 30 years.

Trilite GRP

Standard range of GRP.

  • Meets the required safety standard Class B non fragile to ACR[M]001:2014
  • Available in weights of 2.4kg/m2 or 3.0kg/m2
  • Weather sheets supplied with ‘Superlife’ enhanced UV surface protection

Trilite Ultra GRP

Range of heavyweight sheets offering significantly greater safety margins than the minimum standard.

  • Advanced reinforcement provides optimum strength
  • Weather sheets supplied with ‘Superlife’ enhanced UV surface protection
  • Available in weights of 3.6kg/m² or 4.5kg/m²

Safelight GRP

Safelight is the safest rooflight available, with unequalled safety margins and unmatched rigidity ensuring it will not be damaged by inadvertent foot traffic. Safelight is supplied with ‘Diamond’ long life surface protection as standard, providing optimum weather performance.

  • Safelight is supplied with ‘Diamond’ long life surface protection as standard, providing optimum weather performance
  • Safelight reinforcement system for best possible strength and rigidity

Universal FAIR is a patented option, offering a continuous internal support structure which allows fasteners to be positioned at any point along the length of the rooflight, whilst also ensuring a U-value of  2.2W/m²K is achieved.

The intermediate sheet provides full support at fixing positions, eliminating ‘dishing’ around fasteners, ensuring a weathertight seal is simply and reliably achieved. This concept avoids the need for intermediate HardpakTM fillers, simplifying the ordering process, and is particularly beneficial in refurbishment projects where purlin spacing is not known or variable, or wherever steelwork tolerances are greater than normal.



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