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Polycarbonate Panel Glazing System

Marlon Clickfix 1040

Marlon Clickfix1040 is the architectural polycarbonate panel glazing system providing quality natural light, superior thermal insulation and UV protection in addition to the impact resistance, resilience and structural strength inherent in polycarbonate. 

The 40mm thick, 10wall Marlon Clickfix1040 polycarbonate panels are modular and connect with a simple click and fix interlock for fast and easy on-site installation to provide a seamless glazing option.

A choice of aluminium glazing bars are available depending on application. Choose from the Marlon Clickfix RL polycarbonate glazing bar frame for rooflights and canopies or the Marlon Clickfix VF polycarbonate glazing bar frame suitable for vertical facades and cladding applications. Both options offer a thermally efficient method of introducing natural light into a building.


Marlon Clickfix 1040 Features and Options

Product Listing

Belfast Waterfront Marlon Clickfix

Marlon Clickfix VF90mm

Aluminium glazing bar frame for use with Marlon Clickfix1040 polycarbonate glazing panels for facade and cladding applications


Nola Eatery
Marlon Clickfix VF glazing system illuminates a science campus cafe and gym at Quad One-Harwell Campus
Kinsale college
Here East tech hub

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