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Marlon BioPlus 

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Next level sustainability AVAILABLE NOW

Specify the Marlon BioPlus option to reduce the embodied carbon in your project.

By switching from fossil based PC to resins certified as being produced from 89% bio-circular attributed material via mass balancing, we can offer Polycarbonate sheets with dramatically reduced impact on the environment.

The effect of using climate neutral resins in sheet manufactured with 100% renewable energy significantly reduces the embodied carbon associated with these sheets.

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The benefits of using Marlon BioPlus

Marlon BioPlus is the ideal choice for projects that aim to deliver the highest standards in sustainability. With reduced fossil based content and increased use of renewable energy, Marlon BioPlus allows companies to demonstrate they are at the forefront of the low carbon circular economy.

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ISCC Plus certified, bio-circular attributed resin.


replacement of fossil based raw materials.


renewable energy used in resin and sheet production.

Mass balancing

Mass Balancing is the plastic industry’s innovative approach to deliver the next level of renewable resins.

It overcomes the practical production barriers to the substitution of fossil resources with bio-based recycled materials, eg. used cooking oil, and accelerates the reduction in carbon emissions.

Mass balancing introduces measured amounts of bio-based materials early in the resin production process and allocates exactly the same amount to the finished resin. This allocation carries through to the Marlon sheet, which is identified and sold as a bio-circular attributed product.


Each order of Marlon BioPlus is covered by our ISCC Plus certification to confirm that the bio-based material has been sourced sustainably and allocated via our mass balancing system.

Each pallet of Marlon BioPlus will be identified by BioPlus graphics and a certificate issued confirming that the pallet is attributed to bio-circular raw material via mass balancing. 

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