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Glazing Bar System for Rooflights and Canopies

Marlon Clickfix Rooflight

Marlon Clickfix RL is a thermally broken aluminium glazing bar system for use with Marlon Clickfix1040 modular polycarbonate glazing panels. Suitable for use in rooflight and canopy applications with a minimum pitch of 5°, the cleverly designed frame comprises an inner base with separate outer cap which very simply clicks together for swift and secure installation.

Marlon Clickfix RL integrates fully with Marlon Clickfix1040 modular multiwall polycarbonate glazing panels to provide seamlessly glazed rooflight and canopy installations with no visible fixings.

Marlon Clickfix RL glazing bars are suitable for use in a number of low pitch rooflight applications including freestanding rooflights supported by an upstand or builder’s kerb, abutment rooflights with adjoining wall and in-plane rooflights sitting flush into the roof surface.

Marlon Clickfix RL is also suitable for northlights and canopies.

Download the Marlon Clickfix RL factsheet.

Marlon Clickfix RL Features and Options


PropertyMarlon Clickfix VF
Panel Thickness 40mm
Panel Structure 10 wall
Modular Width 500mm
Overall Width 526mm
Panel Length (standard) Up to 6m
U-value 0.99W/m²K
Light Transmission Clear (g) 52%
Light Transmission Pearlescent 44%
Hail Impact Diam. 20 v ≥21m/sec
Temperature Resistance -40 up to +100
Linear Thermal Expansion 6.8 x 10-5m/m°C
Recommended Minimum Pitch
Fire Class B-s1, d0 to EN13501-1
Non-Fragility Class B ACR[M]001 at 1200mm purlin centres

+/- LOAD (KN/M²)SPAN (m)
0.6 2.2
0.8 2.1
0.9 2.0
1.0 1.9
1.2 1.8
1.5 1.7
1.8 1.6
2.0 1.5

Single spanning based on deflection limit of 50mm or span/40, whichever is the lower.

Maximum standard span is 6m, however larger spans are possible, please contact our Technical Department for further details.

Marlon Clickfix RL is currently supplied and installed by Brett Martin Daylight Systems.

Marlon Clickfix RL is glazed with Marlon Clickfix1040 modular polycarbonate glazing panels. The 40mm 10wall multiwall panels have an integral male/female interlock which simply clicks and fixes into place for runs of unrestricted length.

Marlon Clickfix RL is glazed with Marlon Clickfix1040 polycarbonate glazing panels which are available in a range of tints and colours.

Standard colours: Clear (g) & Pearlescent

Clear (g) 52% 0.42 0.48
Pearlescent 44% 0.28 0.32

Specials: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple available on request.

Clickfix Colour Options


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