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Specialist Glazing, Glass

Glass is a popular glazing option for some rooflight products, particularly on high end specification projects. At an additional cost, glass offers added benefits in terms of aesthetics, increased thermal performance and improved acoustics.  Mardome dome rooflights can be specified with a standard flat double glazed argon-filled glass unit and polycarbonate outer glazing.  Ritchlight Ultra skylights and Ritchlight mono and dual pitched rooflights can be specified with standard double glazing or options to satisfy insulation, controlled solar gain and improved acoustics.

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Gellatley Dwelling, Ritchlight Skylights
Gellatley Dwelling
Stoke Newington School, Ritchlight Skylights
Stoke Newington School
Ashford Friars Prep School, Ritchlight Skylight
Ashford Friars Prep School
Lancashire County Development, Ritchlight Skylights
Lancashire County Development

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