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Polycarbonate Vault Rooflights

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Marvault is a versatile barrel vault rooflight system, glazed in solid or multiwall polycarbonate, with a variety of size, shape, thermal performance, solar control and ventilation options to suit a multitude of requirements.The attention to detail is evident in the clean lines and minimalist styling of the Marvault framework. Daylight area is maximised through wide bay centres. Available in mill finish aluminium, or powder coated to any RAL colour, the system is suitable for use in a variety of low pitch roof applications. Marvault has hidden fixings, giving a clean appearance, and has a variety of height options to suit different glazing specifications and architectural requirements. The system spans up to 7m as standard, with larger spans also available.

Marvault Features and Options


  • Aluminium Frame - elegrantly designed, precision engineered
  • Polycarbonate Glazing - options for every application
  • Ultra Option - enhanced airtightness and thermal performance
  • Opening Ventilation - electrically operated discreet actuators

  • Marvault Ultra is available on all ‘Part L’ compliant and better glazing options.
  • Unlike many other vault rooflight systems on the market, the internal glazing bars are thermally isolated from the aluminium kerb, minimising the risk of condensation forming on the internal framework and glazing.
  • The novel water management system allows rainwater to drain between gaskets without compromising airtightness.
  • Where opening ventilation panels are incorporated, they are fully thermally broken and gasketted to ensure that the benefits of the Ultra features are maintained.
  • The airtight performance of Marvault Ultra is typically 1-5 m³/h.m² of envelope area, depending on geometry.Aluminium Frame - elegrantly designed, precision engineered



  • Marvault has a range of polycarbonate glazing options.
  • Options range from standard building regulations part L compliant options of 16mm 5-wall or triple skin solid, through the enhanced thermal performance of 2 layers of 16mm 5-wall offering a U-value of 1.05, to a single skin solid canopy walkway.    





  • The Marvault’s flexibility in shape provides architects and designers with greater freedom to specify products that harmonise with their surroundings.
  • The multiple glazing options available for Marvault means that the system needs to accomodate each one’s ability to form over a curve or ‘minimum bend radius’.
  • The articulated kerb profile makes both of these possible, meaning that higher rise vaults with solid polycarbonate, and lower rise with more economic multiwall polycarbonate, are equally possible within the same framing system.Marvault has a range of polycarbonate glazing options.


  • Opening ventilation panels, powered by discreet chain actuators, allow comfort ventilation to be neatly integrated into the Marvault rooflight.
  • Available on all Building Regulations Part L compliant and better glazing specifications, opening vents can be used in conjunction with the Marvault Ultra without compromising its enhanced thermal performance and airtightness.
  • Configuration options allow the balance between economy and performance to be optimized, providing the necessary levels of ventilation specific to any project at an affordable price.
  • Actuators can be supplied as 24V or 230V, with optional wind and rain sensors (which Brett Martin recommend), and are suitable for integration into building management systems.

Light Levels

Rooflights have a major impact on the energy efficiency of a building: installing rooflights to 15% or more of the roof area is a practical solution to ensure the lighting levels within the building are adequate, which can greatly reduce the artificial lighting requirement and a buildings CO2 emissions, particularly when used in conjunction with automatic lighting system control. The notional building used in Part L Building Regulations incorporates 12% roof area in rooflights, together with proportional automatic control of the electric lighting systems; research demonstrates that installing less than this amount will make Part L compliance much more difficult. Rooflights don't just improve the external environment. They improve the internal environment too. People prefer natural light to electric light and there is a growing body of scientific evidence to suggest that it helps us perform better. Studies have shown that school children learn better, hospital patients recover faster, factory workers are more productive and shoppers linger longer, spending more.  


Marvault Trade and Ultra achieve class B non-fragility when tested to ACR[M]001.


Tested to BS EN 14963 

Trickle and Powered Extraction Ventilation

Trickle ventilation (manual or automatic humidity controlled), or powered extraction ventilation, can be incorporated into our PVC ventilation frame or kerb profiles.

Fire Performance    

EN 13501-1 B,s1-d0
BS 476: Part 7 Class 1Y

NB Marlon ST (multiwall) will in most cases meet these classifications but is subject to structure and thickness. For further details please contact our technical department.


Marvault Trade and Ultra are designed for a service life in excess of 25 years, and are guaranteed to remain fit for purpose for at least 20 years. They are glazed with high quality UV stable Marlon ST Longlife and Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate sheet, with the assurance of a 10 year guarantee and specific light transmission and impact properties.

CE Marking

Marvault is CE marked to BS EN 14963 and a declaration of performance is available.


Polycarbonate is an extremely strong material, but should always be treated with care. The material must not be scratched, and contact with abrasive materials must be avoided. Polycarbonate is not compatible with certain materials, including some chemicals, paints, solvents, sealants and plasticisers, and contact with any other materials should be avoided unless compatibility has been confirmed.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

The general conditions of units and all accessories, particularly security of fixings and sealants, should be checked periodically. Abrasive and alkali cleaning materials should be avoided. Copious quantities of warm water with a mild detergent and soft rag or sponge can be used to remove surface dirt.

Technical Support

Please contact Brett Martin for further guidance, including technical bulletins on installation, handling and maintenance, COSHH data sheets, NBS product specification clauses and CPD seminars.



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