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Recycled Foam PVC Sheets

Recycled Foam PVC

Make a greener choice with Foamalux Xtra, the environmental range of Foam PVC from Brett Martin.  Manufactured from recycled foam PVC recovered from production and post consumer signage waste, Foamalux Xtra Foam PVC is the green alternative. Foamalux Xtra comprises a recycled black core, sandwiched between one or two surfaces of premium quality virgin white PVC, providing the optimum surface for any sign and display application. Containing up to 80% recycled content Foamalux Xtra is the environmentally friendly sign and display solution.

Recycled Foam PVC Features and Options


Xtra portrait thumb
Engraved Portraits
Crossland Signage, Foam PVC
Crossland Sign
Foamalux Engraving, Foam PVC
Engraving Foamalux Xtra

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