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Trilite GRP

Brett Martin manufacture an extensive range of GRP sheets for roofs and sidelights in over 900 profiles, a wide range of options and choice of product performance. Quick and easy to install into the surrounding corrugated sheeting, all sheets achieve the highest levels of profile accuracy and cover a range of safety levels, U values and fire ratings. Single, double and triple skin rooflights are available for a huge variety of applications from canopies to warehouses, and factories to retail and leisure facilities. Our entire range of GRP rooflights have BBA approval.  

Product Listing

Wembley Stadium, Safelight GRP Sheet

Superweight GRP

Top specification heavyweight GRP sheet that provides the safest form of daylight in metal clad roofs.
Lotian Bus Station, Trilite Ultra

Heavyweight GRP

GRP rooflight sheet offering significantly greater safety margins than the minimum standard.
Trilite, GRP Rooflight Sheet

Standard GRP

GRP rooflight sheet which satisfies the minimum required safety standards.
Factory Assembled Rooflights


Triple skin factory assembled GRP rooflights for the metal clad roofs of industrial buildings.


Wembley Stadium, Trilite GRP
Wembley Arena Canopy
Paragon Station, Trilite GRP
Paragon Station
Carmarthen, Trilite GRP
Camarthen Market
Harper Adams, Trilite GRP
College Dairy Rooflights

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