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PVCu Cast Iron Style FAQs

No test results are available to advise on how a painted system would weather. However, it is thought that an oil based paint would be the best option. Cascade comes in a selection of colour options and these should be considered as the best option when requiring a coloured system.

There are a range of pre made swan necks/offsets available in both the Cascade 65mm Square and 68mm Round Downpipe ranges.  If these sizes are unsuitable use two 112½° Spigot Bends (BR509CI or BR209CI) from the relevant Downpipe range.

The shrouds with lugs are to go over pipe clips, the shrouds without lugs are to go over joints in pipe or when a bend or branch is added. See below:


A number of parts can be specially fabricated. It is best to speak with our technical department who will advise if this is possible.

Yes, any 4 digit date can be applied to the hoppers BRH5 and BRH6.

BRH1 – 275mm

BRH2 – 310mm

BRH3 – 380mm

BRH4 – 362mm

BRH5 – 561mm

BRH6 – 373mm

Small Hoppers – 398mm

Long Hoppers – 561mm

BRH54 – 561mm

BRH55 – 461mm

BRH84 – 461mm

Offsets should be measured from the centre of the running outlet to the centre of the downpipe.

Yes, use a PVCu to Cast Iron & Salt Glaze Drain Connector (BS434) in the socket of the cast iron pipe.  This will need to be mortared in and the plain end of the Cascade pipe will go into the top.