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StormCrate55 FAQs

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Installation of a StormCrate system reduces the risk of flooding along with providing a sustainable and cost effective water management system.

The crates can be joined laterally by using a Connector (B8251), 4 supplied with each crate, and vertically by using a Shear Pin Connector (B8252), 2 supplied with each crate.

The dimensions are 1200mm long x 600mm wide x 347mm high, with 12 pipe inlets allowing both 110mm pipe through the inlets and 160mm pipe through top hats.

The load rating of the StormCrate55 crate is 562kN/m2.

Our crates have a modular design allowing multiple units to be stacked in a variety of different shapes/layouts. This means that shallower installations are possible, preventing excavating deeper.


We offer a free of charge quotation service, please feel free to e-mail scaled PDF drawing’s across to us at or alternatively contact us on 01246 561104 for further technical assistance.

StormCrates are designed to be used as attenuation tanks as well as infiltration. For attenuation, ensure the tank is surrounded by both geotextile fleece and impermeable membrane.

Our crates are manufactured using recycled polypropylene – reducing the impact of the system on the environment.

Our StormCrates offer a 95% void percentage, providing a greater storage capacity than traditional solutions so that less excavation is required for the installation of a system.

Our StormCrate is not inspectable.