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Waste FAQs

Yes, the Push-fit range is manufactured to BS EN 1451 and the Solvent Weld range is manufactured to BS EN 1566.

Yes, by using the compression fittings.

Yes, they can be fitted outside and do not require painting.

Yes, they can be fitted outside but they must be painted.

By using boss pipes or a strap on boss - for 32mm (BW1), 40mm (BW2) or for 50mm (BW3).

An expansion coupling should be used every 1.8m on the solvent weld waste.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each, see table below to determine which is best for you:

 Advantages Disadvantages
MuPVC Cannot be pulled apart Lower impact resistance than PP
Rigid joints Lower temperature resistance than PP
Relatively easy to assemble  
Permanently water tight  
Used externally without painting  
Does not need protection from daylight  
PolyproyleneCan been taken apart

Joints need supporting

Flexible joints Cannot be used externally without being protected from UV (needs to move to right column)

Simple to assemble

High impact resistance

Withstands higher temperatures


The following nominal sizes are for reference only:

  • Sink - 40mm
  • 40mm
  • Shower - 40mm
  •  - 32mm

Brett Martin MuPVC (PVC-C) waste fittings are manufactured to BS EN 1566-1.