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Features and benefits

  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Strong and durable with excellent chemical resistance


  • Bottle gullies, Tubular gullies and Yard gully suitable for 110mm drainage networks
  • Road gully suitable for 160mm drainage networks
  • Grids and sealing plates available to suit the relevant gullies

Gullies thumb

  • Round, square or rectangular hoppers
  • Removable internal basket which stops leaves and debris entering drainage system 
  • Socketed 90° inlet and outlet connections
  • Unique double trapped design
  • Air and water traps
  • Robust and secure screw down lid
  • Dip tube easily removed
  • Integral seal

Tubular Gullies & Hoppers

  • P trapped gullies, low trapped gullies, round hoppers and square hoppers including grids 
  • Suitable for 110mm and 160mm drainage layout
  • Standard and back inlet gully kits available (ROI only)

yard gully

  • 300mm x 600mm yard gully 
  • Suitable for 110mm drainage layouts   
  • Alternative to precast gully traps
  • Optional heavy duty grate and silt bucket available

Brett Martin’s road gullies feature an innovative dual combination 160mm outlet with a cutline to convert to 150mm Twinwall connections – providing a flexible solution for a wide range of applications from car parks to motorways.  Manufactured from high density polyethylene (PE), the road gullies are available in two sizes 450mm x 900mm invert and 450mm x 750mm invert.

  • Stepped spigot outlet
  • Allows fitting to 160mm PVC pipe or 150mm Twinwall pipe  
  • Available in two sizes - 450mm x 900mm invert and 450mm x 750mm invert
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Integral trap with access bung
  • Strong and durable

Brett Martin supplies a range of grids and sealing plates to complement the Gullies range.

Grids and Sealing Plates
  • Plastic and alloy grids
  • Alloy sealing plates
  • Suitable with Brett Martin's Gullies range
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