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Multiwall Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofing -Brett Martin

Conservatory, Multiwall Polycarbonate

Brett Martin specialise in the manufacture and supply of multiwall polycarbonate conservatory roofing packs for UK wide distribution.  Our brand, Marlon ST Longlife multiwall sheet is a lightweight insulating glazing which is perfect for conservatory glazing. The Marlon ST range includes an extensive choice of thicknesses and structures depending on thermal insulation requirements. There are also options in clear, bronze and opal tints for light diffusion and dual tints for solar control. 

As the industry experts we are also developing leading edge technology and the new IR Heat Block option allows more light and less heat.  All products are manufactured to the highest quality in accordance to BS EN 9001:2008, fully certified and backed by a 10 year guarantee. So whether you plan to work, study, play, relax or entertain in your conservatory there is a Marlon ST Longlife option to suit your requirements.


  • 10mm Twinwall
  • 16mm Triplewall
  • 25mm Fivewall
  • 32mm Sevenwall
  • 35mm Sevenwall

IR Heat Block
IR Heat Block Prevents the penetration of heat-transmitting near-infra-red solar energy through the multiwall sheet, while allowing the visible light wavelengths to penetrate the panel. More light, less heat.

Dual Tints
The combination of coloured layers in dual tinted multiwall sheets reduces solar heat gain by up to 50% and provides a softer diffused natural light. Standard Dual Tints: Heatguard Opal, Bronze Opal.

Tints and Colours
Marlon ST Multiwall sheet is available in a range of tints for differing levels of light transmission and solar control. Coloured options provide the opportunity for creative design and expression.Standard Tints: Clear, Bronze, Opal.

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Product Listing

Multiwall Polycarbonate

Energy Efficient

Highly insulating multiwall sheets for more efficient energy consumption - fivewall, sevenwall and tenwall.
Multiwall Polycarbonate

Dual Tinted

Solar controlling dual tints to reduce heat build up and solar glare - bronze opal and heatguard opal.
Conservatory, Multiwall Polycarbonate

IR Heat Block

Innovative heat blocking technology which prevents heat build up for cool naturally daylit interiors.


MarlonST Heatguard Opal Contemporary Conservatory
Contemporary Conservatory
MarlonST Heatguard Opal Victorian Conservatory
Victorian Conservatory
Grey Brick Conservatory, Polycarbonate
Dual Tinted Conservatory Roof

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