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Underground Drainage Systems

Underground Drainage Systems

Brett Martin provide complete underground drainage systems.  The range includes Drain, Sewer and Surface Water pipework and fittings in diameters from 53.9mm to 600mm, Access Chambers, Gullies, and Linear Drains  Manufactured to the highest quality, these systems are suitable for installation in commercial, industrial and residential developments.  All Brett Martin underground drainage systems are designed to provide the installer with maximum choice, flexibility, ease of installation and long-term reliability.

Product Listing

StormCrate55 single

StormCrate 55

StormCrate55 suitable for domestic soakaways
Drain Pipe Fittings


Solid Pipe and Fittings (110mm, 160mm)


Solid Pipe and Fittings (200mm – 400mm)
Surface Water Systems

Surface Water

Solid Wall Pipe and Fittings (110mm, 160mm); Perforated Pipe (53.9mm-400mm), Twinwall Pipe and Fittings (150mm-600mm)
Solid Wall Ducting & Fittings


Solid Duct Pipe and Fittings
(53.9mm – 200mm)

Access Chambers

Access Chambers

Available in 280mm, 315mm and 450mm diameter assemblies
Gullies Range


A complete range of Gullies and Hoppers for underground drainage.
Linear Channel Drains

Linear Drain

Channel drainage for pedestrian areas, suitable for 110mm drainage layouts
Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings to connect any 2 pipes regardless of size or material
Rainwater_Harvesting Systems

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Systems can save home-owners up to 50% of their annual potable water usage
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sewerage Treatment

Sewerage Treatment Systems ideally suited to serve single or small domestic developments serving up to eighteen people.
Grease Trap

Grease Traps

Grease Traps provide essential grease management solutions to commercial food services and catering markets
Brett Martin Sampling and Distribution System

Percolation System

Sub-surface irrigation system for disposal of pre-treated effluent from single dwelling septic tanks.

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