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Investment in new injection moulding machinery to meet market demand

Plumbing & Drainage 30.11.2020

Brett Martin has responded to the increasing demands for components and products across Underground, Soil & Waste and Rainwater Systems product ranges by investing in new ENGEL injection moulding machinery at the Mallusk site in Co Antrim.

Having worked with ENGEL since 2010, Brett Martin has twelve ENGEL injection moulding machines on site and has added another three. The new investment includes viper robots, a high performance linear robot with an innovative design offering improved load-carrying capacity and a low deadweight. With newer, energy efficient machines achieving lower running costs and producing less scrap, there is minimal downtime leading to increased efficiency, productivity and shorter lead times. In addition, the new machines provide scope to expand product ranges and investigate new product lines.

Commenting on the experience with ENGEL, Noel Gourley Production Manager, says “We worked with Engel and Agentdraw Ltd on the specification and design of a machine to manufacture our new StormCrate55 product which saw an investment of £2m and has been a huge success. We are confident that continuing to work together will secure our future growth and competitive edge in the marketplace. Importantly, our machine operators enjoy working on the Engel machines and like the user interface.”

To find out more about StormCrate55 or Brett Martin’s expansive range of above and below ground drainage systems

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