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iAwards Winners Announced

Plastic Sheets 04.12.2023

Brett Martin is delighted to announce this year’s iAwards winners and runners-up!  We would like to congratulate you all and say thank you to everyone who entered - there were some really interesting entries as always!

We have 6 winners and 5 runners-up, in the following categories: Agriculture & Horticulture, Architecture & Construction - (Canopies), Architecture & Construction - (Rooflights), Fabrication, House & Home and Sign & Display.

Winner  -  Agriculture & Horticulture: Commercial Greenhouse, Witteburg

Our new Marlon ST is growing 

  • Location: The Netherland's
  • Building Type:  Commercial Greenhouse
  • Product 1:  Marlon ST 16 mm X-wall Double Sided UV Grey/white with LTA  
  • Product 2:  Marlon ST 16 mm X-wall Double Sided UV Clear
  • Distributor: Witteburg

The walls of this impressive commercial greenhouse is glazed with one of our newest additions to the Marlon ST range. The opaque Grey/White dual tinted sheets completely block light transmission providing the grower with complete lighting control within the greenhouse.

Standard Clear Marlon ST sheet was also used to glaze part of the roof.  UV protection on both sides of Marlon ST stops weathering of the sheet both internally and externally.

This greenhouse is enormous with over 5000m2 of Marlon ST used on both sides of the structure.

BioPlus options are available.

Runner Up -  Agriculture & Horticulture: Greenhouse, Heptagon Houses 

Our versatile Marlon CS used on this unique style of greenhouse

  • Location:  Galway, Ireland
  • Building Type:  Greenhouse
  • Product:  Marlon CS, 1.5mm, Clear 
  • Distributor:  Heptagon Houses

These distinctive greenhouses are made frequently by Heptagonhouses. Marlon CS - Clear was the chosen material for this particular project. The material allows 90% Light transmission and is a great insulator of heat, making it ideal for the horticulture sector. In a country such as Ireland, these factors are essential for growing crops as the weather is not exactly tropical!

BioPlus options are available.

Winner - Architecture & Construction (Canopies): Office Buildings, Polytech

Ministry of Communications Building

  • Location:  Cairo, Egypt
  • Building Type:  Office building 
  • Product:  Marlon Clickloc, 16mm, Clear
  • Distributor: Polytech

It comes as no shock to learn that this entry was a winner. Marlon Clickloc was used as it was compatible with the design of the roof canopy. Marlon Clickloc is lightweight polycarbonate sheet, 200 times tougher than glass, and is simple to install making it the perfect choice for any project, big or small. This product simply clicks together and requires no fixing's between panels.

Runner Up  -  Architecture & Construction (Canopies): Restaurant Canopies, Sigma

No need for an umbrella, use Marlon ST instead

  • Location:  Bogota, Colombia
  • Building Type:  Canopy
  • Product:  Marlon ST 8mm, 4-wall, Bronze
  • Distributor: Sigma

Sigma was the distributor behind these fantastic roof canopies using Brett Martin's Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet. The purpose of this application is to protect customers of Restaurant Pergola from the strong Colombian sunlight. The bronze tint helps to reflect the sun while the co-extruded UV protection layer filters out 98% of harmful UV rays. The multiwall sheet has been designed to be installed horizontally across the roof structure at a pitched angle to add to the style of the canopy. This structured sheet is extremely strong and robust. Marlon ST is available in a range of different thicknesses, wall structures, and tints to meet the end users requirements.

BioPlus options are available.

Winner  -  Architecture & Construction (Rooflights): Country Club, Polyacril

Hotel Castillo Country Club impresses it's guests

  • Location: San Rafael, Costa Rica
  • Building Type:  Swimming pool 
  • Product:  Marlon ST 16mm, 7-Wall, Opal.
  • Distributor: Polyacril

Marlon ST solar controlling tints reflect heat while letting daylight in. This project is the perfect example. The dual tinted multiwall polycarbobnate sheet has a 'Heatguard' outer layer which reflects heat. The internal layer is finished with an opal tint to give a whiter interior finish on the roof.  This material can be used across many different sectors, from leisure, hospitality or even agriculture! BioPlus options are available.

Runner Up  -  Architecture & Construction (Rooflights): St Vincent De Paul Hospital, Polyacril

Marlon ST floods hospital with natural daylight

  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Building Type: Hospital
  • Product: Marlon ST 16mm, 7-Wall, Opal.
  • Distributor: Polyacril

Marlon ST was used as a rooflight for this hospital building in Costa Rica, flooding the area below with natural daylight.  Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet is co-extruded with a UV protection layer which filters out 98% of harmful UV rays. This protects the people below the sheet and enhances the sheet lifespan by preventing yellowing.

Winner – Fabrication: Cocktail Bar, Amherst USA 

Protocol Bar & Kitchen finds a diamond for it's interior

  • Location:  Massachusetts, USA
  • Building Type: Bar & Lounge 
  • Product:  Marlon CS Diamond, Bronze
  • Architect: Archipelago Investments 

This Bar & Kitchen opted for the use of Marlon CS Diamond along the outside of the bar resulting in a great finish.  The attractive diamond embossed surface of the sheet creates a stunning focal point.  Marlon CS Diamond also has great fire performance, is super tough, and durable making it ideal for use in the hospitality sector. Marlon CS Diamond is available in a range of tints.  BioPlus options are available.

Runner up - Fabrication: Living Container 

Marlon CST Brings a breath of fresh air to an older building

  • Location:  Maghera, Northern Ireland
  • Building Type: Living container
  • Product:  Marlon CST Pearlescent, 6mm Triplewall, light diffusing tint
  • Architect: Patrick Bradley Architect

This project was about combining tradition with modernism. Marlon CST is a corrugated multiwall polycarbonate sheet which presented itself as the perfect fit to glaze the facade of this modern living container. Light diffusing Pearlescent sheets were used with back lighting to create a stunning facade feature which comes to life at night time with a warm glow.  This product is also extremely durable and has a high impact resistance, allowing the occupant to feel safe and warm in their unique home. 

Winner –  House & Home: Home Greenhouse, Halle

Easy to install, easy to maintain!

  • Location: Vora, Finland 
  • Building Type:  Greenhouse
  • Product:  Marlon Toploc, 16mm, glass clear
  • Distributor: Halle

In this project , one of our Polycarbonate Panel Glazing Systems, were used - Marlon Toploc . This material was selected as it can be installed vertically, pitched, or curved. As seen in the photograph above, this customer opted for the pitched roof to maximise the sunlight in order to grow crops more effectively. Our Glass clear option allows the sunlight to transmit whilst still providing weather protection.

Runner up –  House & Home: House exstension, Ampelite

Melbourne Sunshine!

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia 
  • Building Type:  Private dwelling
  • Product:  Clickloc Opal / Pearlescent
  • Distributor: Ampelite

Marlon Clickloc is applied to the living space roof of this modern house down under. This product does not require any glazing bars and is lightweight making installation simple. This material is perfect for this project as it's Opal tint blocks out glare & shadow allowing occupants to relax and watch the television without that annoying glare! Find out the other massive benefits of having this material in your life!

Winner –  Sign & Display: Mr. Men, Hygienic Plastics UK

 Foamalux has many different personalities

  • Location: England, UK 
  • Building Type:  Mr Men Entrance to Scarecrow festival  
  • Product:  Foamalux White
  • Distributor: Hygeinic Plastics

Brett Martin's Semi-Finished range is extremely versatile. When it comes to Foamalux, there is a huge variety. Foamalux white was used for Signage and display project. This material provides a clean, plain background for the image to really stand out to the audience and get the message across clearer. All of these familiar faces were on display here!

Congratulations to all the winners & runners up. We greatly appreciate you sharing all of your projects. Please keep sending in all your applications, any received will be automatically entered in next year’s iAwards competition.

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